Using Lockstep

Connect to dozens of accounting software platforms with a single API

The Lockstep Platform provides a convenient way to build products for the financial technology industry. Using the Lockstep Platform, your developers can create powerful applications that work across many different accounting systems, all while working with a simple REST API.

Lockstep also provides Lockstep Insights, a free online service that helps you visualize financial data. Lockstep Insights provides automated self-service account creation for customers using SaaS financial systems like Quickbooks Online and Xero. You can sign up for a free Insights account and begin using the API and the visualizations right away.

Here's how to get started.

What type of an app will you build?

You can build an app that works on the Lockstep Platform. Your app sits on top of the platform and can offer capabilities and consume services.

Examples of apps might include the following:

  • A credit score company might create an app to analyze new customers as they are added to the platform.
  • A lending company might analyze new invoices and offer factorization services.
  • A consulting company might create a connector to a new accounting system.

Developers of these apps can construct them as hooks that are triggered for specific events. When a user of the Lockstep Platform clicks the button "Sync with my ERP system," Lockstep will contact your app's webhook URL and request that you perform the requested action. You can then deliver the resulting data back to Lockstep.


Revenue Applications

Lockstep app developers can earn revenue for publishing apps on the Lockstep App Marketplace. For more information, contact Lockstep.

Want to create a standalone app?

You can use the Lockstep Platform to build an app that has its own user interface. Apps such as this are not visible on the Lockstep Marketplace unless you wish them to be discoverable.

For developers constructing a standalone app, Lockstep provides a custom onboarding experience:

  • A customer visits your website and begins the signup process.
  • You call a Lockstep REST API to initiate an onboarding session, and you receive back a session ID.
  • You redirect your guest to the Lockstep onboarding page, passing in the session ID.
  • When the guest completes the Lockstep onboarding experience, we return back to your URL and deliver you an API key that can be used to communicate with this customer's data.

That's all there is! You can then make use of the Lockstep API to interact with the customer's data and to provide services.

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