Applications and Enrollments

The Lockstep Platform provides users with a suite of applications they can add to provide powerful financial software automation features. Users can sign up for any of these applications and manage their preferences within the Lockstep Platform. The model for this system is called Applications and Enrollments.

Lockstep Applications

Within the Lockstep Platform, an Application represents a product that a user can add. For example, one Application might connect to their financial system; another application might offer credit scores for customers, and another application might provide dashboards showing financial health.

A user can browse, view, add, and remove these applications from their account using the Lockstep Platform. For a list of applications available within the Lockstep Platform, call the Query Applications API.

Application Enrollments

When a user adds an Application to their account, Lockstep creates an Application Enrollment record. This record contains all the information about this application, its configuration, and its metadata.

At any time, a user can remove this application from their account by calling Delete App Enrollment.