A Custom Field represents metadata added to an object within the Lockstep Platform. Lockstep provides a
core definition for each object. The core definition is intended to represent a level of compatibility
that provides support across most accounting systems and products. When a user or developer requires
information beyond this core definition, you can use Custom Fields to represent this information.

See Extensibility for more information.


The following API methods use this data model.

Read-Only Fields

These fields are assigned by the API server and cannot be changed.


uuid, read-only

The GroupKey uniquely identifies a single Lockstep Platform account. All records for this
account will share the same GroupKey value. GroupKey values cannot be changed once created.

For more information, see Accounts and GroupKeys.


date-time, read-only

Date created


uuid, read-only

Id of user who created this definition


date-time, read-only

Date modified


uuid, read-only

Id of user who modified this definition


uuid, nullable, read-only

The AppEnrollmentId of the application that imported this record. For accounts
with more than one financial system connected, this field identifies the originating
financial system that produced this record. This value is null if this record
was not loaded from an external ERP or financial system.

Required Fields



Used for display logic when multiple custom fields exist

Optional Fields


string, nullable, 0-40 characters

Table to which this definition belongs


uuid, nullable

Id of app this definition belongs to


string, nullable, 0-256 characters

Text to display in-application for custom field


string, nullable, 0-10 characters

Data type of this definition

Deprecated Fields

Deprecated fields are maintained for backwards compatibility with previous versions of the API. Deprecated fields may be removed in a future release of the API.


uuid, read-only

The unique ID of this record, automatically assigned by Lockstep when this record is
added to the Lockstep platform.