The FinancialAccountBalanceHistorySyncModel represents information coming into ADS from an external financial system or other
enterprise resource planning system. To import data from an external system, convert your original data into
the FinancialAccountBalanceHistorySyncModel format and call the Upload Sync File API.
This API retrieves all of the data you uploaded in a compressed ZIP file and imports it into the ADS

If the FinancialAccountBalanceHistorySyncModels are imported via a connector instead, please ensure that all records are passed in
on every sync. Records that are not passed in will be assumed to be deleted.

Once imported, this record will be available in the ADS Platform API as a FinancialAccountBalanceHistoryModel.

For more information on writing your own connector, see Connector Data.

Required Fields



The financial year that this period falls under



The period number (1-12 or 1-13) that this balance history is for



The start date of this period.



The end date of this period.



The status of this period. The status should be Closed if the books for this period have been closed,
if not the status should be Open. The status can also be Deleted if there was a recalculation that needed
to occur, for example due to a change in financial year settings.



The current or end balance of this period.

Optional Fields


string, nullable

The code for the Financial Account. Can either be a general ledger or
an account code.


string, nullable

This is the primary key of the FinancialAccount record. For this field, you should use whatever the company's unique
identifying number is in the originating system. Search for a unique, non-changing number within the
originating financial system for this record.
Example: If you store your company records in a database, whatever the primary key for the company table is
in the database should be the ErpKey.
Example: If you use a financial system such as QuickBooks or Xero, look for the primary ID number of the
company record within that financial system.


FinancialAccountBalanceType, nullable

The balance type of this period. If left null, the balance type will be determined by the balance.