The FinancialYearSettingSyncModel represents information coming into Lockstep from an external financial system or other
enterprise resource planning system. To import data from an external system, convert your original data into
the FinancialYearSettingSyncModel format and call the Upload Sync File API.
This API retrieves all of the data you uploaded in a compressed ZIP file and imports it into the Lockstep

Once imported, this record will be available in the Lockstep API as a FinancialYearSettingModel.
Sync is supported for only one FinancialYearSetting per app enrollment and one FinancialYearSetting imported outside of
an app enrollment - please submit only one model here. If multiple models are submitted, only the latest one is considered for Sync.

For more information on writing your own connector, see Connector Data.

Required Fields



The type of financial year, either Calendar or Fiscal.



Total number of periods in the year. For Calendar year types this should always be 12. For Fiscal year types
this can either be 12 or 13 for a 4 week 13 period year.



The start date of the financial year. Should be entered in MM-DD format.



The end date of the financial year. Should be entered in MM-DD format.