A Payment Application is created by a business who receives a Payment from a customer. A customer may make
a single Payment to match an Invoice exactly, a partial Payment for an Invoice, or a single Payment may be
made for multiple smaller Invoices. The Payment Application contains information about which Invoices are connected
to which Payments and for which amounts.


The following API methods use this data model.

Read-Only Fields

These fields are assigned by the API server and cannot be changed.


uuid, read-only

The GroupKey uniquely identifies a single Lockstep Platform account. All records for this
account will share the same GroupKey value. GroupKey values cannot be changed once created.

For more information, see Accounts and GroupKeys.


uuid, read-only

The unique ID of this record, automatically assigned by Lockstep when this record is
added to the Lockstep platform.

For the ID of this record in its originating financial system, see ErpKey.


ErpWriteStatuses, read-only

Possible statuses for a record that supports ERP write.


string, nullable, read-only

The name of the ErpWriteStatus for this payment application


date-time, read-only

Date payment applied record was created.


uuid, read-only

The id of the user who created this applied payment.


date-time, read-only

Date payment applied record was modified.


uuid, read-only

The id of the user who modified this applied payment.


uuid, nullable, read-only

The AppEnrollmentId of the application that imported this record. For accounts
with more than one financial system connected, this field identifies the originating
financial system that produced this record. This value is null if this record
was not loaded from an external ERP or financial system.


date-time, nullable, read-only

The date on which this record was last modified in source ERP.


PaymentModel, nullable, read-only

The payment associated with this applied payment


InvoiceModel, nullable, read-only

The invoice associated with this applied payment.

Required Fields


uuid, min 1 characters

The Invoice this payment is applied to.


uuid, min 1 characters

The Payment applied to the invoice.



The entry number of this payment application. This is often a journal entry number, confirmation code,
or other identifying field for this payment application.



The date this payment was applied to this invoice.



The total amount that was applied to this Invoice from the Payment.

Optional Fields


string, nullable, max 255 characters

The unique ID of this record as it was known in its originating financial system.

If this company record was imported from a financial system, it will have the value ErpKey
set to the original primary key number of the record as it was known in the originating financial
system. If this record was not imported, this value will be null.

For more information, see Identity Columns.