Postman Collection

Lockstep provides interactive documentation online. You can always use the Lockstep API Reference pages to work directly with the Lockstep API. For example, if you click the link for Query Invoices, you can just paste in your JWT Bearer Token or API Key into the "Authentication" section and click the "Try It!" button.

For those of you who wish to use Postman for the Lockstep API, read on.

Lockstep Postman Collection

You can download a collection of useful Postman scripts using this link:

Postman also offers a feature called Import, which you can use to generate your own collection using the Lockstep API Swagger or OpenAPI file. Here's how to import a swagger file into Postman:


Postman Collections and the Developer Site

The Lockstep Postman collection is a subset of the API functionality available on the Lockstep API Reference pages on the Developer site. For a full list of all APIs and data objects, please use the Lockstep Developer website.