Represents a Sync action that loads data from a connector into the ADS Platform. Users can
request Sync actions manually using ADS Inbox, or via the Create Sync API.
Each Sync action is tied to an AppEnrollment.
When the Sync action is complete, the field StatusCode will be set to either Success or Failed.

You can fetch a list of detailed results for the Sync API by calling Retrieve or Query with an include
parameter of details. These detailed results contain line-by-line errors that were detected during
processing of this sync.


The following API methods use this data model.

Read-Only Fields

These fields are assigned by the API server and cannot be changed.


uuid, read-only

The unique ID of this record, automatically assigned by ADS Platform when this record is
added to the ADS Platform.


uuid, read-only

The GroupKey uniquely identifies a single ADS Platform account. All records for this
account will share the same GroupKey value. GroupKey values cannot be changed once created.

For more information, see Accounts and GroupKeys.


string, nullable, read-only, 0-20 characters

The status of processing for this SyncRequest. When a SyncRequest is created, it is flagged as Ready.
While it is in queue waiting to be picked up, its status moves to Connector.
When it is picked up for execution, its status moves to In Progress. When it is complete, its status
will move to Success or Failed. If another API call cancels the SyncRequest, its status will move
to Cancelled.

  • Ready
  • Connector
  • In Progress
  • Cancelled
  • Failed
  • Success


string, nullable, read-only

The name of the OperationType for this SyncRequest


SyncOperationType, read-only

Possible operation types for a SyncRequest


string, nullable, read-only, 0-200 characters

Message containing information about the sync request results


int32, read-only

The number of times this Sync Request has failed


boolean, read-only

A boolean indicating whether a sync from an ERP system should process all the data from the ERP
as opposed to just the delta of changes since the previous sync run


uuid, nullable, read-only

The AppEnrollmentId of the AppEnrollment object that executed this sync request


date-time, read-only

The date this sync request was created


date-time, read-only

The date this sync request was last modified


uuid, read-only

The ID number of the user who most recently modified this sync request.


object, nullable, read-only

The detailed list of results and errors that occurred during the processing of this SyncRequest. This
information is available only after the SyncRequest has completed. You will only be able to fetch this
field if the SyncRequest's StatusCode field is set to Cancelled, Success, or Failed.

To retrieve this collection, add the keyword details to the include parameter on your Retrieve or
Query requests.


uuid, nullable, read-only

The ParentSyncRequestId for this batch zip sync request


int32, nullable, read-only

The CurrentBatch of this batch zip sync request


int32, nullable, read-only

The TotalBatches of this batch zip sync request