A Webhook is a subscription to receive notifications automatically to the supplied
callback url when changes are made to a supported object.

You will need to create at least one Webhook rule to receive notifications when a specific type of object is inserted, deleted, or updated.


The following API methods use this data model.

Read-Only Fields

These fields are assigned by the API server and cannot be changed.


uuid, read-only

The unique ID of this record, automatically assigned by ADS Platform when this record is
added to the ADS Platform.


uuid, read-only

The GroupKey uniquely identifies a single ADS Platform account. All records for this
account will share the same GroupKey value. GroupKey values cannot be changed once created.

For more information, see Accounts and GroupKeys.


string, nullable, read-only

The status of the webhook (Active, Inactive, Errored).


string, nullable, read-only, 0-100 characters

When the StatusCode is set to Errored a message is supplied for why it was errored.


string, nullable, read-only, 0-100 characters

An secret set during webhook creation that can be used to verify that the notification
is coming from the ADS Platform API.


date-time, read-only

The date this webhook was created


uuid, read-only

The ID of the user who created this webhook


date-time, read-only

The date this webhook was last modified


uuid, read-only

The ID of the user who last modified this webhook


string, nullable, read-only

The partition key used for the webhook callback history

Required Fields


string, 0-100 characters

A name for the webhook subscription.


string, 0-10 characters

The format of the content to be returned in the webhook notifications. Current options are 'Full' or 'Id'.


string, 0-6 characters

The HTTP Method to be used on the callback URL for use in notifications (GET, POST, PATCH, PUT).


uri, 0-250 characters

The URL where the notification will be sent via the method set in CallbackHttpMethod.

When creating a webhook, the ADS Platform API will make a call to this url via the method
set in the CallbackHttpMethod property with a query parameter of "code" set to an encoded
string. To successfully create the webhook, the call must return a successful status code
with the query parameter's value as the plain text content.



The amount of consecutive failed notifications, not including the current attempt, before marking the webhook as
errored (i.e. if the value is set to 0, the webhook will be marked errored on the first failure, if the value
is set to 1 the webhook will be marked errored on the second failure, and so on). The maximum retry attempts is 5.

Optional Fields


date-time, nullable

The expiration date for the given webhook subscription. Once the expiration date passes,
notifications will no longer be sent to the callback url.


WebhookRuleModel[], nullable

A list of Webhook Rules associated with this Webhook.