Revoke API Key

Immediately revokes the API Key with the specified id so it cannot be used to call the API.

The Lockstep Platform guarantees that revocation will be received by all servers within five minutes of revocation. API calls made using this API key after the revocation will fail. A revoked API Key cannot be un-revoked and may be removed 60 days after revocation.

An API Key is an authentication token that you may use with the Lockstep API. Because API Keys do not have an expiration date, they are well suited for unattended processes. Each API Key is associated with a user, and may be revoked to prevent it from accessing the Lockstep API. When you create an API Key, make sure to save the value in a secure location. Lockstep cannot retrieve an API Key once it is created.

For more information, see API Keys.


To call this endpoint, you must have one of these roles:

  • Group Owner
  • Group Admin
  • Member
  • Read-Only

You can view your roles with the Status API.

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