Retrieve Payment

Retrieves the Payment specified by this unique identifier, optionally including nested data sets.

A Payment represents money sent from one company to another. A single payment may contain payments for one or more invoices; it is also possible for payments to be made in advance of an invoice, for example, as a deposit. The creator of the Payment is identified by the CustomerId field, and the recipient of the Payment is identified by the CompanyId field. Most Payments are uniquely identified both by a Lockstep Platform ID number and a customer ERP "key" that was generated by the system that originated the Payment. Payments that have not been fully applied have a nonzero UnappliedAmount value, which represents a deposit that has been paid and not yet applied to an Invoice.


To call this endpoint, you must have one of these roles:

  • Group Owner
  • Group Admin
  • Member
  • Read-Only

You can view your roles with the Status API.

Data Definition

See PaymentModel for the complete data definition.

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