Invoice aging report

The Aging Report contains information about the total dollar value of invoices broken down by their age. Last default or specified bucket treated as a catch all bucket for values that fit in that bucket or beyond.

You can specify viewing parameters for the aging report such as currency code and date bucket configuration. You can also view aging data for an entire account or a specific company.

This information is recalculated when invoice data changes. After each invoice data change occurs, Lockstep queues up a calculation based on the current invoice data at that time. This information is calculated and persisted for each customer so that the report will be available quickly.

To force a recalculation of aging data, specify the recalculate option. Note that forcing a recalculation will slow your API response time.


To call this endpoint, you must have one of these roles:

  • Group Owner
  • Group Admin
  • Member
  • Read-Only

You can view your roles with the Status API.

Data Definition

See AgingModel for the complete data definition.

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