Update Financial Year Setting

Updates a financial year setting that matches the specified id with the requested information.

The PATCH method allows you to change specific values on the object while leaving other values alone. As input you should supply a list of field names and new values. If you do not provide the name of a field, that field will remain unchanged. This allows you to ensure that you are only updating the specific fields desired.

A Financial Year Setting is used to to set the type, beginning, end, and number of periods of a year used to calculate accounting reports. The financial setting can either be for a specific app enrollment id via a sync or, when the financial year setting is manually created, will cover all account data without an app enrollment id.


To call this endpoint, you must have one of these roles:

  • Group Owner
  • Group Admin
  • Member

You can view your roles with the Status API.

Data Definition

See FinancialYearSettingModel for the complete data definition.

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