Set Company Logo

Sets the logo for specified company. The logo will be stored in the Lockstep Platform and will be publicly accessible.

.jpg, .jpeg, .png, and .webp are supported. 2MB maximum. If no logo is uploaded, the existing logo will be deleted.

A Company represents a customer, a vendor, or a company within the organization of the account holder. Companies can have parents and children, representing an organizational hierarchy of corporate entities. You can use Companies to track projects and financial data under this Company label.

Optional view box meta data for the provided logo may be supplied using the following query parameters. Please note that you must supply either all of the values or none of the values.

  • min_x
  • min_y
  • width
  • height

See Vendors, Customers, and Companies for more information.


To call this endpoint, you must have one of these roles:

  • Group Owner
  • Group Admin

You can view your roles with the Status API.

Data Definition

See CompanyModel for the complete data definition.

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